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Markana Jordan

"If there's a fire in the kitchen, I can put it out."

My history with events and food started like so many others — in my Mom's and Grandma's southern kitchens watching them prepare holiday suppers and enormous church dinners. That was where my love for making people happy through food, family and friends began and it's never stopped. 

Not only can they make great food, my matriarchs are also known to possess "strong personalities" — never afraid to tackle something new or do what needs to be done. (And never hesitant to speak their minds in the process.) I inherited that determination, and it has served me well during my many years in the events industry — from marketing and sales to catering and planning.

I've had the opportunity to work with some of Nashville's most-beloved planners and caterers on numerous events small and large, intimate and high profile. I've learned which details tend to succeed, and unfortunately, which ones don't. Beyond paper, patterns, floral and décor, there are many variables to consider to ensure that your event is a success, and I've learned that hiring an experienced planner to guide you through the event process — and to keep you from having to put out fires along the way — sets the stage for all the details to fall into place

I might not claim to have killed an alligator with a kitchen knife (like someone I love), but I do know how to make sure your guests have the best time possible. You might even get to enjoy the event yourself.  ;)